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Can I dye covers for cars, boats and campervans?

Coloring the upholstery of your car, boat or caravan is a great way to restore and refresh the colour of old fabrics.

When coloring covers, it is an advantage if you can remove them. You can therefore wash and dye the fabric in the washing machine. If the cover is very old and delicate, washing and dyeing by hand is recommended. For non-removable fabrics, you can apply the fabric dye dissolved in water with a spray bottle or a brush. Usually there are no washing instructions for the seat covers. It is therefore difficult to determine what material the fabric is made of. This often means that you have to look for the right procedure for dyeing. For wool or nylon (polyamide), add a little vinegar to get a good result. Add a little salt to achieve good coverage and dye adhesion.

If the colour rinses out after a short while or comes off immediately, you are most likely dealing with polyester. Polyester is the only material you cannot dye with fabric dye. It is best to choose a color in the same shade as the original color. Deciding for a color that is a few shades darker is not a problem. For a lighter or completely different color, however, you must first decolorize the fabric. Decolorization is not recommended for old fabrics, as this can easily damage the fabric. 

For larger quantities of fabric, we recommend that you first order a single bag of fabric dye (possibly in several colors) to test whether you are happy with the result. All colors can also be mixed together. This way you can experiment until you find the right color and then order the right amount in the right ratio.