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Aybel Fabric Dye FAQ alok-mazumdar-yGoSinuW4oI-unsplash

How much do I need to use?

How much fabric dye you need depends on the weight of the fabric to be dyed and the material from which the fabric is made. In addition, less fabric dye gives a lighter color than adding more fabric dye.

For Aybel Fabric Dye, the required amount of fabric dye is approximately 1 bag for 250 to 500 grams of dry matter. Cotton colors more easily than Nylon and for a lighter color you use less.

The original color is also important. Refreshing faded dark blue pants with dark blue fabric paint is easier than coloring white pants dark blue.

The best advice is always to test how the fabric dye works on your fabric first. To do this, use a little bit of the dye with a small piece of the fabric.

You can usually cut a small piece of the fabric from a seam or a loose cord. Depending on the result, you can use more or less fabric dye.