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Aybel Fabric Dye FAQ rhondak-native-florida-folk-artist-_Yc7OtfFn-0-unsplash

Can I use the dye with a brush?

For fabrics that are not removable, you can also use Aybel Fabric Dye with a brush or plant spray bottle. For example, floor coverings, furniture and fabric wall panels are easy to paint with Aybel Fabric Dye.

Before applying with a brush or plant spray bottle , you can dissolve a bag of fabric paint in about 0.5 to 1 liter of warm to hot water. Make sure there are no more lumps in the liquid. Also add salt (20-30 grams) and possibly some vinegar (for wool, polyamide / Nylon and silk).

You can use this paint solution in a plant or paint sprayer or apply with a brush. After application you let the fabric dry and if necessary you can spray another layer with Aybel Fiske to further fix the colors against sunlight, for example.