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How much water to use with more sachets?

If you use more sachets of fabric dye at the same time, you can use less water. If you are using a washing machine, you can pour the fabric dye into the main wash detergent container. If you use several bags of fabric dye at the same time and you keep 25 cl of water per bag to dissolve the fabric paint, the amount of water with dye and salt no longer fits in the compartment of the main wash.

You can dissolve several bags of fabric dye per 25 cl of water. Four to six sachets per 25 cl of warm water is no problem. Most importantly, no undissolved powder should be visible.

If you want to use more water, you can also pour the dye solution directly into the drum. This is not possible for washing machines that start to drain residual water before the start of the washing program. The fabric dye is then pumped out for dyeing. You can clearly hear whether your washing machine starts to drain when you switch on the washing machine. When in doubt, it is better to dissolve the dye in less water.