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My washing machine remains dirty

Every washing machine has a rinse program that is executed after every washing program. During rinsing, the soap and dirt residues are rinsed clean. If the rinsing function of a washing machine no longer works properly, soap and dirt residues, but also bacteria, for example, can remain in your laundry.

If you use fabric dye in a washing machine that no longer rinses properly, your laundry can continue to discolor for a long time. Just like soap and dirt residues, fabric dye remains in your washing machine if the rinsing program no longer works properly.

Limescale can easily absorb and release dirt and fabric dye. If there is an excessive amount of limescale in your washing machine, this can be a reason that the laundry no longer rinses clean. It can also happen that a sock or other small item of clothing ends up in the pipes or reservoirs of your washing machine. Fluff from wool sweaters can also remain in the machine.

In the long run, a washing machine will break down from excessive scale or dirt build-up. Dirt residues are also a good breeding ground for the multiplication of bacteria and fungi. If your washing machine does not clean properly after dyeing, this is actually a warning that your washing machine is no longer washing clean. The colors of fabric dye are easy to see where bacteria and fungi usually remain invisible.

Washing machine manufacturers advise to periodically clean the washing machine. Every manufacturer also has its own product for this. The washing machine manual contains instructions on how to clean the machine.

In a well-maintained washing machine limescale and dirt accumulation are virtually non-existent and you can dye your clothes without worry. With very old, not maintained or defective washing machines, the washing machine may not be cleaned properly. A good cleaning is then necessary to have your washing machine cleaned again.

Fortunately, these problems are very rare. We only receive this notification once or twice a year for many tens of thousands of orders. If you have serious doubts, choose the alternative of dyeing by hand.