For all your questions, you can contact us by email. Our email address is: We usually answer your mail within 24 hours with the exception of weekends and holidays.

If you have any questions about the possibilities or limitations of our fabric dye, you can attach photos of the fabric and, if possible, of the washing instructions and composition of the fabric.

We try to keep the costs for textile paint as low as possible. For this reason, we do not have a telephone number for customer service.

We are happy to be of service by email, and usually also quickly.


Aybel Textielverf Regthuis Goudriaan

You can send returns and exchanges to:

The Netherlands:

Aybel Textielverf
t.a.v. Annette
Noordzijde 12
2977 AD  Goudriaan


Aybel Textilfarbe
t.a.v. Kirstin
Mühlenkamp 44
22303 Hamburg


Aybel Textielverf
t.a.v. Jasmine
Burmstraat 55c
9111 Belsele

About us

Aybel Textile Dye was started in 2018 by Joost van Erp (Aylan) and Belma Tekinalp. Initially as an extra income in addition to a full-time job, Aybel has grown by 2020 to 6 employees in three countries.

Together with the manufacturer of our fabric dye in Istanbul, we work every day with passion and inspiration on the development of our products and service.

Personal attention, responsibility for people and the environment and pleasure in what we do are more important to us than the profit we make.

Since the end of 2018 we are located in Het Regthuys in Goudriaan. In this beautiful national monument, where in ancient times the bailiffs  spoke justice, we will start in March 2021 with workshops for dyeing fabrics and Bed & Breakfast Het Regthuys . We will keep you informed of this via our Facebook page.

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