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Fabric Dye Green Grass

38 Green Grass Aybel Farbic Dye Wool Cotton

38 Yeşil Wool(l)/Cotton(r)


Product information

  • For washing machine and hand dye
  • 1 Sachet (10-13 grams) is sufficient for 250 grams of dry fabric
  • At lower doses the colours become lighter
  • Suitable for cotton, wool, linen, silk, polyamide (Nylon) and many other materials
  • Not suitable for polyester or fabrics with a water repellent coating


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Additional information

Our “Welcome” page contains several general tips for dyeing clothing and textiles. Also have a look at the FAQ – page for frequently asked questions. You can find experiences of others and reviews on our pages on Trustpilot, Facebook and Instagram.

Service and guarantee

Every fabric has a different color. The result of the dyeing always depends on the material of the fabric, the temperature during dyeing, the original color and many other factors.
For specific questions you can contact us by email. Photos help us to advise you properly.
Furthermore … Money back guarantee.


Keep Aybel Fabric Dye and Aybel Fiske away from children. Not suited for consumption. After contact with eyes, immediately rinse the eyes with running water.

Instructions for use


To avoid stains on your hands you can wear a pair of disposable gloves while working with the dye.

Add the content of the sachet Fabric Dye into 20 cl hot water. Add a tablespoon of salt (20 gram) and stir until all powder is dissolved. For wool and polyamide (nylon) add a tablespoon full of vinegar to the solution.

Test whether the color is right by dipping a small piece of fabric or some white paper in the solution.

Washing machine:

Pour the dissolved paint into the main washing machine detergent container. For washing machines that do NOT start pumping off, the dissolved paint can also be poured into the drum of the washing machine.

Wet the fabric and place it in the drum of the washing machine. Select a main wash program (minimum 30-40 minutes) and the highest temperature allowed as indicated on the fabric label.

If you use Aybel Fiske, add the content of the sachet Aybel Fiske into the bin for softener of your washing machine.

Hand dye

Fill a bucket with water (3-5 litre) at the highest permitted temperature according to the label of your fabric. Add the dissolved fabric dye and stir well. Wet the fabric and place it in the bucket.
Stir firmly and regularly for 30-40 minutes so that the dye and fabric is mixed well.

Rinse the fabric until no more dye is in the rinsing water. If you use Aybel Fiske, you can add the fixation liquid to the last rinsing water.