Aybel Fabric Dye

Gives you color


Give your favourite clothes and fabrics a new color. Aybel Fabric Dye is of excellent quality and suitable for washing machine and hand washing. The price is € 5.99 per sachet and the shipping is free. Optional you can purchase track & trace for € 5,95. If you are not satisfied with the result you receive a refund!

Choose one of our 59 colors in the carousel above, or go to the webshop to find your color.

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For my self knitted sweater from 100% silk I have ordered Aybel Fabric Dye. Within 2 days I had the dye delivered. The fabric dye is easy to use and the result is beautiful. Top!


Fabric dye for almost all clothing and materials

Aybel Fabric Dye is suitable for almost all fabrics. You can dye cotton, wool, linen, silk, but also nylon and many other synthetic fabrics with Aybel Fabric Dye.

Aybel Fabric Dye lets you effortlessly color your clothes, curtains, upholstery fabrics, rugs and even wood. Our dye is not suitable for polyester or fabrics with a water-repellent coating.

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Safe and trusted

Our fabric dye comes from Viktoria Boya. This fabric dye has been produced in Istanbul since 1901 and has been the best selling fabric dye in Turkey for many years.

Through years of product development, the dye is unrivalled in adhesion of the colors to your fabrics. Our products are not harmful and safe to use.

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How much fabric dye do I need?

You can easily calculate the required quantity by weighing the fabric. You can use 1 sachet of fabric dye for 250 gram of dry fabric. 1000 gram of fabric require 4 sachets.

For lighter colors than it is indicated on the packaging you can use less fabric dye. Less fabric dye gives a lighter color. 

Keep in mind that every fabric is different. Synthetic fabrics usually give a lighter color than natural fabrics.

Good fabric dye, beautiful colors, lots of choice. Fast and neatly delivered.
We used it to make tie dye shirts. Nice results and not difficult. Kids made it themselves. Nice activity for the corona time. Aybel’s a real winner. Definitely worth repeating!

René and Lianne

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Testing, use of salt and vinegar

Because every fabric is different, the colors always turn out slightly different.

Always try the color on a small area of ​​the fabric first.

For all fabrics, add salt to open the fibers.

For wool, polyamide (Nylon) and silk, add a dash of vinegar to make the dye bath more acidic.

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How to dye dark clothes lighter

If you want to give dark pieces a lighter color, it is best to decolor the pieces first.

For decolorising you can buy special bleachers or bleach with a splash of chlorine dissolved in a bucket of water.

Delicate fabrics such as silk, fine lace and cashmere are not suitable for bleaching.

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Temperature during dyeing

Check the label of your clothing for the maximum washing temperature.

Dye your fabrics at the highest permissible washing temperature.

Cotton can be washed warm to hot, for knitted wool and silk it is best to use lukewarm water (up to 30 degrees) to prevent shrinkage and damage.

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Not for polyester and water-repellent fabric

Polyester and fabrics with a water-repellent coating (eg outdoor fabric) are unsuitable for dyeing with normal fabric dye.

The fibers of these fabrics only open at high temperatures. This prevents the color from sticking.

Also acrylic and similar synthetic materials will not color or will color lighter.

Also use Aybel Fiske to fix colors

Sunlight and frequent washing make colors fade. For the best protection of your colors, use Aybel Fiske .

Add Aybel Fiske to the final rinse water after washing or dyeing. This way, new trousers, shirts and other fabrics stay beautiful longer and give off less during washing.

Aybel Fiske is the ideal addition to your self-dyed fabrics.

We have dyed the baskets of our cat´s scratching post. The original color was white but that had become dirty after intensive use.

The color of Sea Green did not succeed completely, it turned more towards green but still very happy with the result. If we ever get tired of this color, I’ll be sure to order from you again.