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Aybel Fabric Dye FAQ annie-spratt-sV-K9xjwFJw-unsplash

Can I recover colors with fabric dye?

The color restoration with fabric dye is quite possible. Frequent washing of dark colors such as black, dark blue and brown as well as intense sun exposure can cause the colors to fade over time. 

A sachet of fabric dye and a tablespoon of salt are usually enough to refresh a load of laundry. The normal amount of 1 sachet per 250 grams of dry matter also applies to the rejuvenation process. 1 to 2 bags per 2-3 kg of cotton clothing are usually sufficient. 

At Aybel you can choose from more than 50 colors. You will surely find the right color. For very specific colors, you can also mix our colors. Only for the color white is fabric dye not suitable. We recommend to use decolorizer for this.